01/31/2007 Polk City , FL. Grand Master David Harris of the Shun Shen Tao Temple released today, free to the public, a translation of an ancient Qi Gong spiritual exercise. The exercise was used by the Ancients for releasing spiritual turmoil and stress held by the spirit-mind-body system. The problem westerners' understanding has faced in deciphering this type of text is that the Ancients' observations and concepts of nature and the cosmos were in a metaphoric language, with meanings known exclusively to them and the students they passed it on to.

The Masters of Martial Sciences passed down through styles and forms, from master to student, keys that unlocked the Ancients' metaphoric language of the universe. Anyone outside of the Martial Science's Qi Gong were left out of the loop on the deeper meanings of the metaphoric illustrations and were left with the question “What the bleep were they saying?”

GrandMaster David Harris said “I have distilled the text down to its process and put it into a simplified, easy to adopt and use, form. My life is about the researching, teaching and the further development of the Shun Shen Tao style of Qi Gong. Quieting the mind for focusing intentional thought and directing the Qi (pronounced “chee or chi”) unobstructed has been an objective in the Shun Shen Tao style of Qi Gong, and is crucial in the practice of the Martial Sciences and the healing modalities. The Shun Shen Tao style of Qi Gong can even be applied to accomplishing major business goals, physical work or everyday tasks.”

“When beginning the study of the Martial Sciences, my students often present to me their conflicting thoughts which hamper their advancement. These can be thoughts of degrading labels taken on by them, judgments on self or others, fears of failure and limitations i.e. I can't do this, I never could do that very well. I tell them it's in the secret world of internal communication, just self and the universe. The “Saying Yes to Healing Thoughts Exercise” will facilitate the process quickly of letting go to release the conflict that clouds the mind.”

Tailored for western understanding, GrandMaster David Harris's translation & distillation of ancient text to a powerful process with simplicity of use, is a jewel for all.

Regarding the ability to direct Qi energy, GrandMaster David Harris said “I assure you that the skill to purposely direct Qi can be developed with proper training. The movie-clips we have posted for everyone to see on the ShunShenTao.com website, shows one of my students demonstrating a “bottom brick break”, also called “selective breaking,” confirm its truth. Viewing the movie clip shows that this energy, called Qi, can be focused with intentionality by mind and accurately directed. The physical strength of the person or how big someone is has never been the key factor. Size does not matter. Selective breaking has been viewed as unattainable or even something of a fantasy. However, in the light of the movie-clips that type of thinking can now be abandoned and left by the curb.

The free of charge information can be downloaded from the Shun Shen Tao website @ shunshentao.com. Grandmaster also announced he has asked The Mind Science Laboratory of the Shun Shen Tao Temple to post more reflection of mind projected thought into water photographed pictures.


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 Shun Shen Tao Temple Reveals The Secret World of Healing Thoughts

Grand Master David Harris released to the public his translation of an ancient Martial Science text that points at a way to unleash the infinite potential of healing thoughts. He also requested The Mind Science Laboratory of the Shun Shen Tao Temple to post more pictures of reflection of mind projected thought into water photographed. See video and photos.




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