Learn the secret Kung Fu exercises that will make you,

Invulnerable to serpent's fang or tiger's claw…

Invincible in combat…

Immortal champion of light and justice…

"In the sixth of Grandmaster David Harris' INVINCIBLE Shun Tao series, he teaches

Intermediate Entering/Short Range and Clinched - {Stand up applications and for stand up fighters who want to avoid takedowns. Show easy set up for the move and application and basic RAW POWER of the strikes}, FA-JING Knees, Elbows, Forearms, Head Butts, and Steel Whips Attack and Defense Applications (Really Nasty!), Show Shun Tao Clinches (Shadowing Eyes and Ears)

"These secret Kung Fu treasures, are seldom taught outside closed family circles. But, with these exercises you can learn the secret of your own internal power and become the master of your fate, the captain of your soul and set a good example for all. These techniques were once widely known, then forbidden. Now it is time to share them with you again. It doesn't take years of training or pain. Just a few basic steps. Anyone can do them. It's as simple as that…”

It only takes sixty minutes to find out how. What have you got to lose? You might just learn something that will save your life, and make you a better person as well..."

Grandmaster David Harris

This DVD is the sixth in the INVINCIBLE SHUN TAO series which was originally for students training at the dojo only. "The INVINCIBLE HOUR" was so successful, however, that Grandmaster David Harris expanded the program into the current 7-volume set. The basic techniques should always be mastered before the advanced methods are attempted. But, the techniques from any one of this set will enable you to stand head and shoulders above your former level of training. Unlike anything you've seen before.

1 hour, Color, DVD Format; $29.95


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