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Qi Gong Waters from Shun Shen Tao

Qi is life energy, at the Shun Shen Tao Institute of Natural Healing, we administer Qi Gong treatments to assist in a person's recovery from injuries to sickness. The levels of Qi flow generated are tremendous when several Masters work together as a group in assisting a client's recovery.

Our waters are designed for Martial Art students to supplement an increase in their Qi levels being developed by Qi Gong exercises. We use name brand bottlers of only the best natural spring or artesian water then we dispatch all evil Qi that may be present, next the water is infused with very high levels of Qi right into the pre bottled water by the Masters of Shun Shen Tao and finally we armor (shield) the water from any possibility of direct or indirect invasion of evil Qi.

Do I have to be a Martial Arts student to use the Qi Gong waters?


Anyone who may need Qi Gong energy to support them in their activities such as Qi energy development, Reiki healing, Martial Arts training, bodybuilding, or Pilates.

Our students are reporting that, supplemented with Qi Gong water, their goals set for their activities materialize rapidly.

Regardless of how your body was depleted, either by working out, sparing, or energy healing, powering up with Qi Gong water will boost you back to performance levels.

Drinking Qi Gong Water before a workout is a very good supplement to any exercise program. Our students and clients report that Shun Shen Tao Qi water is very effective for building muscle mass and getting those abs its terrific for toning muscles and reducing body fat.

There are many kinds of water being sold, many you have bought. Some of these water drinks are supposed to replenish your body with minerals and other additives. It has been stated that this is what our bodies totally need.

Yet for thousands of years, ancient texts have guided us to conclude that building Qi flow is the essential quality in life.


The Shun Shen Tao Masters enliven bottles of water with tremendous levels of Qi and stabilize the Qi from dissipating, plus armoring (shielding) the water from any evil Qi that might invade it. This places our Qi Gong water above them all, be it by machine or man.


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FEB. 17, 2007 at Shun ShenTao

D. P. Meyers Releases Laboratory Findings: -"Qi-Gong Water Boosted Mind-Projecting Power and slammed our lab equipment"




































































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