One recent discovery concerns the balance of Yin and Yang essences of male and female humans. Both male and female volunteers participated in this study. Using Qi gong techniques to adjust the balance to a greater flow of Yin essence in males, there is an immediate and marked shift in physiological, psychological, and energetic flows.


Most noticeable physiological shifts encounted are: pangs of breast growth experienced by many adolescence females, begins recalibration of balance within x, y, & z spatial axis, Gate smoothes, muscle tonus becomes soft, skin texture becomes smooth.


Psychological effects: identity crises comes into play as the sense of masculinity slips away, frustration and anger is experienced, focus of mind shifts from single track / task to, multi-track / task awareness, this effect by one volunteer, was interpreted as a greater sense of intelligence while other male volunteers were overwhelmed by the influx of information and unable to take action!


Energetic effects: the Qi concentrated, at the root charka in males, begins to flow vertically upward in parallel feminine Qi channels that have now opened on the ventral side of the torso striking a path respectively thru the volunteer's nipples.




The Upshot:

Some of the data collected suggests a direct correlation to ADD and ADHD that is so prevalent in the male population. Further development of methods used to adjust / balance Yin & Yang essences, which by the way can be easily taught, could be a major key to abating multiple classes of mood and anxiety disorders / diseases in our western culture.

A review of the scientific literature shows that ADD is a hotly debated topic. Some experts go as far as saying that the ADD syndrome lacks supportive evidence and should be clinically discarded (G. Coles, L. Fleisher and P. Breggin). Others believe that ADD is a neurological syndrome whose cause might be genetic (Hallowell and Ratey). However, they admit " the exact mechanism underlying ADD remains unknown. There is no single lesion of the brain, no single neurotransmitter system, no single gene we have identified that triggers ADD. Even the "experts" do not agree. 

Our only concern here is to present possibly an alternative way for people suffering with ADD and ADHD.

The Shun Shen Tao Institute of Natural Healing is a " Natural Way",  without medication .

The Shun Shen Tao Institute of Natural Healing conducts ongoing investigations into the deeper nature of Qi, its qualities, and how the institute's discoveries correlate with ancient text regarding bio-energy matricies and flows.

The Institute's collections of ancient texts have been donated by individuals from around the world who support the translation work of Grand Master David Harris. The text themselves span approximately 4500+ years having been passed down generations of Master to Master. Some of the texts are originals, however most are archive copies now stored on modern media. All of the collection is kept in a secure vault.