Shun Shen Tao Qi Gong

Fast Power Builders 1 and Fast Power Builders 2

DVDs for Health, Self-Healing and Martial Arts

The Shun Shen Tao Qi Gong Fast Power Builder DVD series is designed to place the student of Qi Gong on a rock-solid foundation rocketing the student up to high levels of Qi flow.

Knowing the needs of the many, Grand Master David Harris has streamlined the process of the student's development even more, leading to massive Qi flows.

Grand Master David Harris gives you the HOW TO, With You taking consistent action doing the execises will equal MASSIVE Qi FLOWS

DVDs are low cost to you priced at $39.95 USD each.

Just  $29.95  !! for MAY 2007 only

Grand Master David Harris on the first DVD will ramp you up quickly showing you the condensed forms of the fastest Qi power builds ever RELEASED to the public. These forms are the result of years of style distillation and now produced in DVD format to train the student rapidly the Shun She Tao way.

Fast Qi Power Builder 1 Pre Technique Builds

1. Fireball 2. Super Fireball 3. Reverse Fireball 4. Pyramid 5. Diamond Build 6. Tiger Paws 7. Prayer Charge 8. Bowl of Fire

Applications for the techniques are also given with how to direction.

Here are just a few in the following list.

Healing Applications covered (Qi Gong Emission)

1. Detection & Balancer 2. General --Deep Blockage Remover 3. Balancer & Multi Blockage Remover 4. Large area for Drawing of Bruising, Infection, Immediate Damage 5. Concentrated Drawing of Bruising, Infection, Immediate Damage 6. General area Balancer 7. Welding Broken Bones and Infection 8. Spinal Damage and Clearing Trigger points 9. General/ Tumors and cysts

Also included in this DVD!!

The Scorpion Set

* Scorpion (for Knee and Sinus) * Large Stinger (for Blockage Remover) * Small Stinger (doing Micro Welds) * Tail (Connective Tissue and Scar) * Claws (General)

Balances (Head Techniques) 1. Teardrop ½ 2. Teardrop Full 3. Crown

Plus ! A MEGA Bonus on this DVD !!

DIM-MAK (The Healing Side)

Revival/Heart Starters/ and Emergency Methods

In the Fast Power Builder 2 DVD Grand Master David Harris will lead you through sets of very powerful and advanced Qi building exercises. These advanced exercises, practiced over a short period of time, will help you create Qi flows that are the foundational bases for skills only spoken of in legends. These exercises have been stripped of all the masking and streamlined for fast understanding with demonstrations. Grand Master David makes it easy for just about anyone to develop quickly.


Qi gong Exercises (Building) The Turbine


All 8 advanced pre-technique builds on DVD 2

of the Fast Qi Power Builder series

Pre Technique Builds

1. Single Rams Head 2. Double Rams Head 3. Pouring Into Cup 4. Rising Serpent's Head

5. Serpent Nods Head 6. Shadow Wave 7. Demon Ball 8. Heavenly Bodies


Plus! You get the advanced Healing Techniques (for Qi gong emission)

1. Spreading Claw 2. Birds Beak 3. Sealing 4. Bottomless Cup 5. Sleeping Serpents

6. Banding 1-10 fingers with/without Shaking

7. Propping with Index or Middle Finger 8. Palming 9. Hurricane

Also Included on this DVD!

Dragon set 2 and 3 Finger (for Qi gong emission)

* Touching Dragon Claws

* Dragon Claw meets Lotus

* Double Dragon Claw

* Dragon's Mouth

* Dragon's Breath

  Balances (Techniques)

1. Opening Heaven's Gates 2. Seven Star Balancing, male/female 3. Balancing Heaven's Pillar

4. Balancing Creation (Ren-mai)

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